Erotica by Laura Beth Peters


Need for Control: my new series is available on Amazon now!

Complications is Book 1.  Newly divorced Dr. Nathaniel Turner meets mysterious Annie Watson, a beautiful artist who barges into his home and seduces him.

Treat Her Like a Lady is Book 2.  Nathaniel has a run in with his ex-wife when she learns about an indiscretion he had in a bar's bathroom.

Annie's Story is Book 3.  Annie has been keeping secrets.  When Nathaniel learns exactly what those secrets are, the fallout is explosive.

Living in a Moment is Book 4.  Nathaniel finds himself at a crossroads.  Tanya has broken up with her lover and                                                          seems interested in renewing her commitment to the family.  But Annie is still weighs heavy on Nathaniel's mind.
Excerpt from Complications: Need for Control Book 1

             Her body felt all wrong in his arms. Short where she should have been tall, curvy where she should have been slim.  Her hair smelled different, floral instead of coconut.  Her skin tasted of salt and something sweet, not sweat and grease and household cleaners. Her breasts were so full and tender, more than the handful his hands were used to.

            Nathaniel buried his tongue in a stranger’s mouth, tasted the sweetness of a cocktail they had shared less than five minutes before.  She sighed against his mouth, pressing her hips tighter against his.  He slid his hand down her back, tugged at her hip until her body was as tight against his as they could get without removing their clothing.  She wrapped her legs around him, increasing the pressure already causing his cock to throb as her cunt ground against him.

            “This is insane,” he whispered as he slid his lips over her jaw and tickled her ear lobe with the tip of his tongue.

Excerpt from Treat Her Like a Lady: Need for Control Book 2

     “What’s the matter, Tanya?”  Nathaniel asked, unable to stop himself from torturing her.  “Doesn’t Burt do it for you anymore?”

     “Asshole!” she cried, suddenly pushing him with a hand on his chest.  “Why did you have to be like this?  Why couldn’t you let yourself go with me?  Why did it have to be some stranger in a fucking bar?”

       “What?”  Nathaniel grabbed her wrists, pulling her up against his body.  “What the hell is the matter with you?”

“You were always so controlled.  Always made sure that everything was so perfect, always had to be so gentle, had to prove you loved me.  Why couldn’t you, just once, lose control?”

       Nathaniel stared down at Tanya as the reality of what she was saying slowly washed over him like cold water poured over his head.  “You’re pissed that I never used you like some slut?”

Excerpt from Annie's Story: Need for Control Book 3

     He remembered Ralph asking about her once before, the night he came home and found her waiting on his front stoop.  Had he known who she was then?  Was he just testing the waters, wondering how much Annie had said?  Had he known Annie would keep her past such a deep secret?

      Did it matter?

    Anger was beginning to build in Nathaniel’s chest as he realized just how many lies and secrets had been swirling around him these past few weeks, creating a pressure that made his muscles stiffen, his hands curl into fists.

     “I bet she didn’t tell you everything, though,” Ralph continued.  “Didn’t tell you how she came on to me.  She was the one kept coming back.  I wasn’t the only one in that affair, despite what she might say.”

                                                                                                       “And what will she say, Ralph?”

                                                                                                       Ralph shrugged as he stood, turning to face Nathaniel.  “I don’t know, man," he said, in that man to man tone, that tone that said no one could really figure out the mind of a woman.  “But, just remember, she was a willing participant in the whole thing.”
Excerpt from Living in a Moment: Need for Control Book 4

     He closed his eyes, thrusting wildly, needing that release, that pleasure that was so closely interwoven with agony.  He was vaguely aware of her cries, of her body stiffening with pleasure.  But it didn’t matter.  Not like it once had.

       Everything had changed. 

       But what that meant…he was a long way from figuring it out.