Erotica by Laura Beth Peters


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Daisy was never what one would consider beautiful.  In fact, she was often overshadowed by her sister and stepmother.  For this reason, Daisy gave up on the hopes of finding love years ago.  Now Daisy's life revolves around her studies to become a psychologist.  Dating is no longer even a blip on her radar.

Mark is a music executive who can have any woman he wants.  Mark meets Daisy after listening to her version of a demo for his company and cannot get her out of his mind.  Every time he turns around, Mark finds himself thinking of Daisy.  But Daisy does not want to become just another of Mark's conquests.  She wants more.  Does he?

Mark offers Daisy a deal.  They will see each other for a month, but there will be no sex.  Mark wants to prove that he can be with a woman without sex being the ultimate goal.  Daisy agrees, but has serious doubts as to whether Mark will still be around at the end of the month.

One month turns into so much more as Daisy finds herself going down a path she had never imagined was in the cards for a girl like her.  But will she be the one Mark chooses in the end?