Erotica by Laura Beth Peters


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Daniel is a highly successful lawyer who can have almost any woman he wants. He should be happy. However, Daniel hasn’t been happy since that day years ago when Jean, the love of his life, disappeared. He knew her father disapproved of their relationship, knew that she was struggling as she attempted to appease her father’s demands and her love for Daniel. But he never imagined she could just up and walk away from him. However, that’s exactly what she did.

So, imagine his surprise when he sees her so many years later, walking through security at the airport and again in the first class lounge. Jean, still so beautiful despite a bruise that discolors her temple. How can he resist reminiscing with her on their long flight, remembering everything that was perfect about their relationship? But reliving those memories only opens up old wounds and Daniel reaches a point where he simply cannot do it anymore. He walks off of that plane hurt and determined not to allow himself to feel that way again.

However, he can’t get Jean out of his head. And when she shows up at his office…what is a man to do?